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Concrete with black ink

80 x 320 x 320cm


(Photo by Alina Koschnike)

Cucurrucucú stands as a dichotomy of a two-part structure of a double spiral that meets in the centre, leaning on each other and holding a bird feather. On one side the vocal melody and on the other the bass-line of the Mexican folk song, called ‘Cucurrucucú Paloma’.


Creating a balance that can be both, fragile and stable at the same time. Playing with the notion of the onomatopoeia Cucurrucucú, that turns the sound of a pigeon into a word, and Inspired by music’s necessity of

equilibrium, Maness pours the song’s score into 1.000 bags of cement that serve as piano keys, transforming music into haptic objects.

Sound is depicted by physical form: Observing the difference in size and colour, one can see pressed piano keys that stand for the exact notes played and sung in the song and converge to a central moment of pausing. Melody becomes matter.

“What do stones know about love?” - abstract out of the lyrics from


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