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Agua Pasa por Mi Casa



Concrete with Black Ink

 Variable Measurements

(Photo by Gregor Sawatzi)

In this series of works, Maness explores the concept of the mortuary mask as a way of preserving the transient shape of everyday objects.


Each of these avocados is cast from a range of originals, singled out and bought at street markets. This is replicated by exhibiting the works in a market stall, inviting guests to perform the same picking, thereby encouraging them to physically engage with the works rather than just viewing. 


The smooth polished surface of the meat contrasts with the knobbly feel of the skin, as the creamy texture of the real avocado contrasts with the hard and heavy cement stimulating our senses. 


The process of casting must take place at the exact right moment, when the avocado is at is ripest but not yet decaying. This results in, in Maness’ own words: “a mortuary mask of something once useful”.

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